The New Car Detail is aimed at individuals who want the true experience of owning a Brand-New Vehicle, often people ask “its brand new it doesn’t need polishing” this is sometimes not the case at all. New Vehicles often pick up sanding marks, paint marring and hazing/holograms through their final stage on the production line due to time management and resources. Once your vehicle is at the dealership it would be cleaned very quickly using wrong techniques again this is due to time and resources sometimes it causes more damage than good.

This is where we come in to remove surface defects such as sanding marks, light scratching, holograms and marring using machine polishing to improve clarity and paint depth topping it off with protection for its life on the road.


Time Taken 2-3 days 


Decontamination Process


1.  Pressure Wash Rinse to remove soiling and wheel wells flushed clean

2.  Engine Bay Cleaned and Detailed using Various Brushes and Citrus All Purpose Cleaner

3.  Wheels/Inside Wheel and Tyre Wall cleaned with Ph Neutral Fallout Remover

4.  Ph Neutral Snow Foam to Loosen traffic film and grime

5.  Badges, Trim, panel gaps cleaned with an ultra-soft detailing brush and Citrus All Purpose Cleaner

6.  Pressure Wash Rinse to remove snow foam and lose contaminates

7.  Brightwork/Glass washed with Ph Neutral Shampoo utilising our 3 Bucket Signature Safe wash processes

8.  Vehicle Rinse using cold pressure wash

9. Tar Deposits Removed from bodywork

10. Vehicle Rinse using cold pressure wash (Purified Water)

11. Vehicle Clay Barred removing all surface contaminants

12. Vehicle rinsed with Ph Neutral Fallout Remover to remove all iron contaminants from the body

13. Vehicle Rinse using cold pressure wash (Purified Water)

14.  Vehicle Dried Using a Hot Air Blower and Plush Microfibre Towels 

15. Safe interior Vacuum with hog’s hair detailing brush and rubbish removed

16. Floor mats Vacuumed

17. Interior wiped with All Purpose Cleaner

18. Glass cleaned exterior + interior

19. Final Vehicle Inspection then moved into our bespoke studio for polishing


Polishing Process


1. All Paintwork prepped with Isopropyl alcohol

2. Wheels Removed while the vehicle is on our lift 

2. Paintwork inspected using various light sources

3. Paintwork Depth recorded using a paint depth gauge

4. Trims Masked, Badges Masked 

5. A single Stage Machine Polish to remove defects and refine the paintwork for optimal clarity 

6. Vehicle Lights machine polished for Clarity 

7. Wheel faces and barrels polished and cleansed

8. Glass Polished and cleansed 

9. Exhaust box + Exhaust polished and cleansed

10. Vehicle wiped down with Isopropyl alcohol prior to protection


Protection Process


1. Choice of protection applied to bodywork

2. Glass protection Applied (optional)

3. Wheels Protected (optional)

4. Trims Dressed and protected

5. Exhaust protection (optional)

6. Engine Bay Dressed

7. Tyres Dressed


Bolt On's


  • Interior Deep Cleanse Wet Vac/Leather Cleanse


Recommended Protection Options


Pyramid Premium Ceramic Coating


A multi-purpose Ceramic Coating which harnesses nano-technology for the ultimate surface protection.

Premium Ceramic Coating is a semi-permanent coating that protects and enhances your vehicles paintwork. It brings colours back to life with a high gloss finish and makes your car easier to clean and maintain with it’s self-cleaning properties.


  • 24 months Durability


Gyeon Certified Professional Coatings


Gyeon MOHs +  Multi-Layer Ceramic


Q² Mohs+ set is one of the most superb forms of automotive paint protection available on the market. Designed for professionals only and used by certified Gyeon detailing points, comes with the warranty of the highest level of protection, which refers to the outstanding properties throughout the full period of five years. The Q² Phobic topcoat is a highly resistant quartz coating.


  • 60 Months Durability


  • Durability: 5

  • Gloss: 5

  • Beading: 5

  • Hardness: 5

  • Self-cleaning: 5



Gyeon Duraflex Multi-Layer Ceramic


Q² DuraFlex is an advanced, two-ingredient and double-layer ceramic coating, designed to suit the requirements of Gyeon Certified Detailers. The pure silazane Q² Base coating is the hardest automotive coating ever developed. It is a technological breakthrough and requires only one layer. Q² Flexi is a thick and extremely slick topcoat that has set new standards in gloss, hydrophobicity and durable self-cleaning.


  • 60 Months Durability


  • Durability: 5

  • Gloss: 5

  • Beading: 6

  • Self-cleaning: 6


Kamikaze Certified Professional Coatings


Kamikaze Enrei - Two Layer Coating Base + Top Coat


The flagship coating for Signature Details we believe this is the best automotive coating consisting of a 2 layer technology. Layer 1 (base coat) penetrates the pores in the vehicles clear coat to form the ultimate bond with layer 2 (top coat) which is an ultra slick coating that is extremely durable against road grime such as salt, oil and dirt. It is also very resistant to high-level PH chemicals. Enrei gives world leading gloss levels and 60 months durability and has minimal water spotting.


  • 60 Months Durability


  • Durability: 6

  • Gloss: 6

  • Beading: 5

  • Hardness: 5

  • Self-cleaning: 5


Kamikaze Zipang Three Layer (Self Healing Coating)


Zipang Coat has evolved from the technology employed by ISM PRO. Like ISM PRO, Zipang Coat combines high quality, ingredients with Kamikaze Collection's ultra-low molecular weight hydrocarbons to produce a coating with extreme water repelling properties. However, extensive research and development has enriched these ingredients to increase their performance and enhance their reflective potential. Furthermore, Zipang Coat has a self-levelling function activated by heat that helps keep paintwork swirl-free for longer.


  • 36 Months Durability

  • Self-healing properties help keep paintwork 'as new' for longer

  • Sunshine or warm water will activate self-levelling (semi self-healing) 


  • Durability: 5 

  • Gloss: 6

  • Beading: 5

  • Hardness: 6

  • Self-cleaning: 5


Wheel Protection


Wheels Off Car Including


  1. Decontamination and Polish

  2. Full Rim Coating 1-2 years protection repelling brake dust and ease of maintenance

  • Wheel Faces Coated Only

Glass Protection


  • Repels from the glass surface both water and dirt making driving in any conditions easier and safer. Longer Lasting hydrophobic properties up to 12 months durability. 


Interior Protection


  • Interior Protection Package – Leather/Cloth Interior protection applied with liquid repelling and stain resistant product. Carpets, steering wheel and Dash also protected.





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