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Detailing Packages

Welcome to Signature Details as a company we aim to achieve the very best results using the latest equipment and leading industry products to achieve the best finish for your vehicle. We treat every vehicle as our own and always will go above and beyond customer satisfaction is the utmost importance to Signature Details.












Our Detailing packages are designed for vehicles in different conditions from heavily damaged paint work to new car protection each service tailored for that special individual please see our packages below as we go into detail on what we do step by step.

The New Car Detail is aimed at individuals who want the true experience of owning a Brand-New Vehicle, often people ask “its brand new it doesn’t need polishing” this is sometimes not the case at all. New Vehicles often pick up sanding marks, paint marring and hazing/holograms through their final stage on the production line due to time management and resources.

The New Car Detail

The Ultimate Detail for the individual who strives for perfection, there is no limits with this package we aim for 98% paint perfection alongside all the bolt on's included with our certified only Kamikaze Coatings Detailing at its very best !

The Signature Detail


The Enhancement Detail is aimed at individuals who want the new car feel again restoring depth, clarity and gloss to Paintwork removing 

light swirls, scratches and localised damage using a 2 stage machine correction aiming for an 80-85% improvement overall giving the paintwork

a new lease of life. 

The 2 Stage Enhancement Detail

The Major Detail is aimed at individuals who want a major paintwork overhaul utilising 3 stages of machine polishing to bring a 90% near perfect improvement.

The 3 Stage Major Detail

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